Product Placement (2)

Increase brand awareness and reinforce cultural relevancy through on-screen exposure. For over 40 years, UPP has worked with studios, production companies, props, sets, transportation and wardrobe contacts to garner in content placements in films, TV, premium cable and streaming content. – Product Placement – Brand Integration – Cross Promotion  

Game Shows

Cannon Safe The Price is Right

UPP works with popular Game Shows to deliver cost-effective brand messaging including prizing, promotional spots and sponsorship. We leverage our strong relationships with iconic shows such as Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, Jeopardy and Let’s Make a Deal to negotiate the best onscreen exposure for our clients.

Digital Services

Digital Services Video Capture

Brand Eyes is a tailored program designed for companies that execute product placement and branded integration in-house. We provide capturing and measurement tools to assess the media value of all of on-screen brand exposures.  This service is designed to help brands measure their product placement program’s effectiveness and success.